Simaudio CD-1 and i-1 combo

Looking for anyone who is presently listening to or has heard the Simaudio CD-1 CD player and i-1 integrated amp combo. Thoughts, impressions, etc.?
Thank you!
I've heard both at my local dealer several times in their most frequently used listening room. Usually paired with the better Amphion monitors or some Dali monitors. I think they are solid pieces. They've whittled their offerings down in this price range, but I liked them better than the comparable Atoll products.

I'm a bit biased as I've had an I5LE for a few years and am a fan of the Sim line.

It would help to know what your plans are for them though. And as always, you should try to check them out for yourself.
I own them and they are now breaking in (amp is new, CD player is a demo with low mileage). I've never heard simaudio products until now.

My initial thoughts are their signature seems to be bold & dynamic but surprisingly musical for solid state components. One thing I've noticed so far on the negative side is the presence of too much vocal energy with certain discs when the volume is turned up a little. What I hear sounds like glare. The duo are connected by a Harmonic Tech. Magic Link II cable which, by the way, is new and is still breaking in. The cable may still need some break-in. However, this vocal energy was not present when using an Arcam DV29 player as the source with everything else the same.
I have heard both and my friend brought the CD-1. They are musical sounding and have good tonality. I actually thought the ever slight sweet tone is absent with Sim's older but more expensive components I have heard in the past.

While some components at this price level strike me as thin barned, instruments and vocals played through the combo have the right amount of body and texture, albeit a little less lively than what I would like. I feel the CD-1 is the better buy of the two.
I own th i-1, but am using an Arcam cd73T instead of the cd-1. I really like the i-1, as its detailed, transparent, with highs that aren't bright and the soundstage provides good placement. I think its a good buy in the price range. There have been reviews of both units, so try to find them.
Good luck!