Simaudio ACE or 240i

Need some helpful advice and clarification. I'm looking to get an integrated amp from Simaudio and was considering the 240i for my Dynaudio Special 40s. I called an out-of-state dealer since there's none near me and was told by the salesman to move up to the ACE since it also has a better phono stage?? I've tried to research this but can't find this info anywhere. Is this true? Is it worth paying a few hundred bucks to get the ACE instead of the 240i? I have a Marantz ND8006 CD/Streamer which has a good DAC. Thanks so much!!!
I had the 204i on my system driving the Souns Faber Sonetto II's 

I ended up moving up to the 390 Preamp and 330A combination. Ace has the Mind player built-in and it is very nice setup.

Best move is the Neo 340i with dac imho.

I still miss mine even though I have a much more expensive system now. ( Luxman M900u amp. coupled to a Mcintosh preamp ).
Thanks for the info---I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Still looking. I did hear back and the 240i and ACE do have the same phono stage so the salesman was wrong. I'm still concerned about the low power with the S40s. Perhaps Luxman or Parasound?