Simaudio 870a over Krell 402e?

I have always been a Krell guy until I purchased their Cipher CD/SACD player. Long story short, I now own a Sim 750d CD and a Sim 740p pre and have been absolutely FLOORED by the two pieces compared to my Cipher and 222. I would like to trade out my 402e for the new Sim 870a to complete the package, as it has been such a step in the right direction...but I can't audition the amp first. Anyone heard the new amps? Thanks, Beach.
I wouldn't be so fast to get rid of all your Krell components. I've always found Krell's digital products to be lacking. No so with their other components.
I conncur with zd542, Krell has something that will out perform the simaudio, maybe move up the amp chain to mono blocks could do the trick, I am sure the 900E krell amp is better than anything simaudio makes, I am supprised that the 402E amp got beat in your opinion.
Thanks guys, the Krell was outperformed by the Sim CD and Pre, I haven't been able to audition the Sim 870a amp to see how it compares to my 402e. I am curious, as the Sim outperformed the Krell with the other two a wide margin! Can't help but wonder how the amps would compare!
What do you like about the Sim over the krell? I'm just curious and not saying you made a bad choice. Sim makes excellent equipment. Also, what kind of speakers do your have?