Simaudio 610LP vs Esoteric E-03 phono stages


Have anyone sonically compared the Simaudio 610LP vs. Esoteric E-03 phono stage.

I just ordered the 610 LP today. Although I haven't heard the Esoteric E-03, I could report back after I have the 610 for while on the sound.

There is a review of the 810 Lp where they compare the sound to the E-03

My former phono stage was a Zesto Andros.
Thanks Moonguy...would love to hear your impressions of the 610LP. I have borrowed the Zesto for the weekend to trail...but cannot get my hands on either of the Moon's to demo. I have an Esoteric K-01, so I know the Esoteric house sound but I have not heard the E-03. I was thinking the E-03 might be lacking in midrange emotion based on what I have read...and was hoping the Simaudio Moon phono might be better in this area and match the Esoteric in the other parameters. Have you heard the 610LP against the 810LP?
Hi Jon47,

I haven't heard either the 610 or 810. Usually when Simaudio has products say like the P-7 pre and P-8, you almost get all the performance of the highest model at a significant price reduction.

I almost at the time of buying the Zesto, had the E03 on the short list also. The reason I didn't buy it was for the same reason you have stated.

I will be burning in the 610 for 2 weeks. The Simaudio equipment has a very long break in time I have experienced first hand many times.

The dealer is checking today to see if they have a 610 in stock since they are so new. So, it may be a while before I report back especially with the break in time.

The Zesto sounded good, although the SS 610lp will be more my cup of tea. There is an 810 on ebay for $5K, although it didn't look well cared for.

I would love to hear your very first impressions.

Hi Moonguy - Been awhile on this thread, as I'm also very curious as to your thoughts/comparisons bet. the Andros, 610lp, and the E-03. I'm presently in a very similar situation, having the Zesto Andros, along with a Simaudio W-5/P-5 amp/preamp combo. Have not auditioned either the 610lp or E-03 (Have the Esoteric X-03se digital source, so I too am familiar with the Esoteric house sound). Does the 610lp have better synergy for you than the Andros?

We have similar systems. I have the W-5 LE, P-7.To answer your question. As good as the Andros is, the Simaudio 610lp trounced it, no comparison.

I am between tables right now, but will be running fully balanced into the 610 in the future.My advice would be to get the 610, you won't look back.

Read the latest tone magazine review of the 610, saying some will prefer it to the 810.
Thanks, Moonguy. Will definitely be doing more research/reading on both the 610 and 810, although admittedly, these price points are significant from the Andros & E-03. You mentioned at one point the E-03 was on your short list prior to acquiring the Andros. Ever have the opportunity to listen to the E-03?
No, I didn't get a chance to listen to the Esoteric. It is very well reviewed.There is a gently used one at audio eden here in Canada.with the dollar difference in your favour, it might be worth looking at.
Another company that makes good solid state stages is Pass Labs. Love to hear from folks who may have had the opportunity to compare the Simaudio 610LP and 810LP with the Pass Labs XP15 and XP25. Thanks