Simaudio 610LP

Anyone own or have experience with the Simaudio Moon 610? I'm in the market for a good phono stage and my local dealer doesn't have one in stock to listen to.
I recently upgraded to a 610lp, originally wasn't going to purchase but after taking it out of my system definitely was missing out on details of my vinyl. Very musical, well balanced, and great sound staging.
I auditioned the 610lp and thought it was great. It was realistic, had great detail and speed. Everything was so good that I splurged, sight unseen, on the 810lp and found it to be worth every extra cent.  The 610  is a great phono pre and I could have been very happy with it.  Just don't listen to the 810lp unless you are willing to buy it.
Thanks for the "fair warning". My local dealer only has the 810 and I'm afraid to listen to it. Nothing good can come from that ;-)