Simaudio 390 Network Streamer | DAC | Preamp

I have not demoed this unit yet but it as a feature set that is off the charts (no DSP). Though the abundance of features concerns me as being too much of a good thing (maybe too much noise). I spoke to a dealer about the 390. He said that you need to step up to a DAC 2x the cost to notice improvements in sound.  ($5,300)

So I wanted to ask here for people who have demoed | owned | shootout this unit. Ignoring the feature set, what did you think of the sound? What do you like better under $10K?

I have read a lot of the reviews and I get the sense that it is a very good product but I do not see it being paired with an excellent amp. I am considering pairing this with a Luxman m900u amp. What amps did you pair the 390 with?

I am also considering the Luxman c900u preamp, the Benchmark LA4 preamp, and the Mola Mola Makua w/DAC. Though for the current system I am building I realize I do not need to go crazy because it is in my home office and not critical listening.
Appreciate the feedback, thanks.
Can't comment on performance though I have and treasure Sim Moon amp and preamp.  But getting an all-in-one component locks you out of future developments in the digital world that is very fast moving.  I would always consider separate DAC, streamer, preamp.  Just one opinion.
Sure, but good one box solution take lot of guess work out of it and don't need to buy additional cables.