Simaudio 340 i hard to beat for the $$

I have a bit of a dilemma in that I’m having a hard time moving from my Simaudio 340 i. I absolutely love this integrated except I wish the sound stage was wider. I was considering getting a 600 i but after extensive research people are saying 600 is not like the 340 and I see a lot of people sell the 600. Owners of the 600 I told me they were disappointed in the unit. For some reason the 340 i is unique to the Simaudio line up. I was interested in the Luxman 550 MK2 but after speaking to a Sonus Faber dealer with good knowledge of the brand he believes that class A will not have the dynamics required to drive my speakers as Sonus Faber are known to be power hungry. He suggested staying with class A/B. I had a class A tube amplifier and yes, I agree it was lacking the punch of the 340. My problem is my budget in the used market for a solution is $5-6000. Current setup is:

Sonus Faber Minima Amator 2

Lumin U1 mini with SBooster

Denafrips Venus 2

Simaudio 340 i

I’m looking for something laid back, detailed, smooth and punchy like the 340 but with a bigger soundstage. Does it even exist at 5/6 k (CAN BTW)

I’ve had Hegel 390/360 and it didn’t impress me.

Accuphase E370? Luxman 507?

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I started with the Moon ACE, then upgraded to the 340i/280D combo.  It was an improvement over the ACE.  Then I demo'd the 700i v2 and it was even better!  It's difficult to imagine how much better until you hear it.  So much so I traded up the 340i for the 700i v2 and the 280D for the 780D.  If you like the idea and convenience of an integrated the 700i v2 is a great way to go and it sounds better,  I'm told as I didn't compare them personally, than the 600i v2.  You also get more power.  Coincidentally, both are available used on The Music Room site at a fraction the cost of new.  

I've read the posts and those who have owned 340i and I agree there may be other things to consider: setting your speakersroom and cables.  I have KEF Reference One Metas and they image quite well.  Previously with the ACE and 340i, I had the LS50 Black Edition (non-Meta) on the KEF S2 stands and they also imaged incredibly well.

I hope you're able to gleen some benefit from my ramblings here and I wish you the best in your pursuit--this hobby is like an diving into a fractal.

@ John 1629 - I have had the i-3 in my office system for 7 years.  Last year, I had a desire for a Mac integrated and bought a used MA5200.  The blue lights were mesmerizing for about a month and then I ended up turning them off  :-)  That aside, speaking sonically, I couldn't tell the difference between the two 100 WPC integrateds.  I ended up selling the Mac.  It wasn't bad, I just put the $3,500 to better use.