Simaudio 110LP vs PS Audio GCPH, others under $600

has anyone heard a direct comparison of the PS Audio phono pre as compared to the Moon 110LP? and maybe others I might find used under $600 for MC cartridge?
My GCPh is close enough to my SimAudio LP5.3 that it is a tossup, so I would assume it is quite a bit better than the 110lp.
Manitunc- If you want a real treat, replace your GCPH's fuse with a HI-FI Tuning 2A slo-blo, Supreme 5mm X 20mm. I opened mine to determine what FREDs to order for it. Found it already had UF5404's(50nS recovery rate), so I just changed the fuse. I don't believe the original fuse allows the diodes to stretch their legs(so to speak). The differences are NOT subtle/all on the upside.
Thanks for your imput!