Sim2 HT300 E vs Marantz VP 12S4 or others??

I currently own the Sim2 HT300 Plus and have been very happy with the quality of the picture. I recently purchased the Denon 3910 DVD player and found out that the DVI output will not work with the HT 300 Plus even though it has a DVI input. I was told by Sim2 that I needed to upgrade to the 300 E for it to work with the Denon 3910.

Anyone have any comments on the best DLP projector in this price range???
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I have the 300extra-h model,. The h at the end means I have hdmi;and yes it works. No issues at all and that is more than can be said for some of these big buck projectors---(Light bulb flicker on some Marantz models) 'Love the 8000 hr bulb.--So, "Who's Better,Who's Best"? Well there are so many newer better ones that also have higher prices.--- I don't quite get having a dvi-d input and it not working. I use a cable that has dvi-d on on end and hdmi on the projector end.