Sim audio W-5 vs CJ 2500A

Actually have a CJ PV 14 LS2 paired with a Sim 4070se. The CJ is my first tube experience and it changed completely my habit. It simply got me back in my listenig chair. And most surprisingly, it made my wife finally enjoy music after many years of battles over the hobby. So I must take advantage of the present situation and make an upgrade to my amp. My 4070se is a nice little workhorse which I will probably keep for a second system. I've been looking for a while now and I'm finally made a choice between the above mentioned power amps. But which one ? Could not listen to them since they are scarce in my area. Can they both render a CJ preamp better (which I will upgrade very soon most probably for another CJ)or must I go for the same pre/power family ? In any case, the investment will be running for a while since the speakers then the preamp will be upgraded thereafter. Would appreciate advices.
Thank you
I can not comment on the Sim Audio (sorry) but the 2500A is very tube like in its presentation very beautiful and detailed mid range with very good high and bottom end extension and overall very smooth. I used to have a 2500A paired with my premier 16lsII pre-amp driving a pair of Thiel 3.6's and was very pleased with the performance; I upgraded to a premier 350. IMO the 2500A is one of the best performance values in audio; you will not be disapointed.

The person who bought mine used it for a replacement while his premier 8xs's were being repaired. Said he liked it very much and that he could be content with long term if needed. However he did comment that it did not have the detail his premier 8's did. He also went on to say that he should hope not as the premier 8xs's were 16K USD when they were new. At least this gives you some prespective and Good Luck and hope I could help.