Sim Audio W-5 Fuse blew half way on the pre amp

My w-5 stopped working after cranking it just past half volume on my pre amp, why would this happen, I hope there is no damage on my w-5, any comments would be greatly appreciated.

I used to have a W5 that would shut off when I would turn the volume high while playing a record. I was using an Audio Research SP10 for my preamp. It was so frustrating I sold the Sim. I felt that I did not have a proper impedence match between my phono stage in the SP10 and the Sim. I had no problems however when listening at high volumes with cd playback.
The fuse blew while listing to a cd at high volumes and it is frustrating, i am wondering if it has a negative effect on the amp when the fuse blows and would it be ok to put a lager fuse so this doesn't happen again, any comments would be greatly appreciated thanks.
Blowing a fuse does not sound good. Fuses are there to protect the electronics. Does it always happen when the volume is turned 1/2 way? If so something is wrong. On the other hand I have seen bad fuses although extremely rare. Also the fuse that blew was it a clear glass one which you could see it was blown? I ask because I fix computers for a living and have been doing it for 30+ years and you can sometimes tell by the way it blew how bad the problem is.

If after replacing the fuse everything is fine going past 1/2 way again I would not worry too much unless it happens again.
Interestingly enough I had a Cary V12 that exhibited the same behaviour.
It was a 3amp slo blow fuse,left channel that blew at high volumes.A Cary tech advised going to a 4 amp slo blow.That did the trick.As a precaution and for warranty purposes you may want to check with your amp manufacturer.
NO DO NOT PUT A LARGER FUSE IN!! If there is a problem you will cause excessive damage. Remember fuses are to protect the internal electronics.
Very interesting the Cary tech suggested that. It is possible the manufacturer was wrong when deciding to use a 3amp slo blow and also may have been a fairly common problem. When I did do component level troubleshooting years ago when I had an intermitten fuse blowing problem that couldn't seem to be resolved I would put in a larger fuse and the component(s) causing the problem would burn and sometimes explode. Also that was when I was a bench tech working at the manufacturer.

Paulficarella like Markwatkiss said check with the manufacturer before doing something like that. Even if out of warranty I have seen manufacturers extend warranties for some problems that they may know about but never made public.

Now I just remembered (hate getting old) my Sim dealer who wants me to replace Bryston B100 with a Sim I7. Too much $$$ for me but did say that Sim upgraded something in the I7 which they will do for free and did not make public in case used was an option for me. A good selling point promoting a company.
Thanks guys for all the info I think I will replace the fuse with the original size and call sim, and if this happens again I will replace the amp with a bryston 14bst or classe ca 301 maybe less headaches thanks all.
I had a fuse go in my W-5 when using a bryston pre amp at a higher volume level. Simaudio said that the bryston wasn't a good match due to the hot pin configuration on the xlr of the bryston.

I switched to a Simaudio preamp after that and haven't had a problem since. I have read that the Athetix calyspo tube pre also works excellent with Simauddio amps. Ditto on not putting in a bigger fuse , that's a no, no

I sent my Sim W5 back for repair.Come to find out it was because the 120volt line was only dishing out 116volts coming to the house.Called the electric company and they came and adjusted the current and viola, perfect.All this after I spent $800 replacing the face plate which got damaged from sending it back.Crap.
Seems the Sims are critical on input voltage.
Worth Checking it out.