Sim Audio W-5 Amp With B&W N802 Speakers

I am considering B&W N802 speakers and was hoping someone has heard the combination, and is this enough power, I currently have Talon audio Peregrine speakers and with some hearing loss they don't provide enough detail, so far B&W has what I need.
Have you considered the Talon Peregrine X or Raven? They have a much more open and revealing presentation than the original Peregrine. To answer your other question, the W5 would have more than enough power to drive the N802, and would sound VERY good, IMHO. Good Luck!

Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
I currently have Talon Peregrine and have listenend with Sim Audio W5. There was no problem, every details, transparent and musical I heard. You should check your ICs. there should be anything holding back the performance of Sim Audio and Talon Peregrine speakers. I recently upgraded to a Cary 306/200 CD player and Nordost Quattro Fil Interconnects. They sound awesome.
In my search for the right SS amp, (I purchased about 5 amps in a 2 year period), the Moon W-5 came in second place and was the first amp I've heard that peeled away layers of detail. And it was this amp that really helped me realize that amplifiers have tremendous differences designed into their sonic signatures. And it's not all good.

My only reason for selling it, was because of the amp I found to replace the W-5 and because I did not believe the bottom end had enough juice for my Aerial 10T's at slightly higher volumes.

Nevertheless, the W-5 is an excellent fast amp with a touch of sweetness and powerful to a certain degree.

Never heard the 802's, but from what I heard from others, if you did happen to encounter dissatisfaction with this combo, I'd look to replace the 802's first.

My guess is that you will be staying up listening at night later and more frequently then you ever had before.

Thanks for the help maybe I should listen to the new Talons before making a decision, I would also apprecitate any comments on other speakers to listen to that are more detailed.
I have a pair of 802s (replaced a set of 804s).

I have a Proceed AMP5. It worked great for the 804s. They worked 'OK' with the 802s as is, but were not where they needed to be.

I ended up bi-amping them with the AMP5, and that has made a world of difference.

Not a direct answer to your questions, but just some info based on my experience.
You should try the Wilson Sophia speakers, it may be the best speakers under $20K other than the JM Lab Mezzo. It is better in the bottom end definitely. Mezzo may be more transperent in upper but the equipment for my audition and comparison is not up to par also.
As for the amp. W5 is good but should also try Pass X250, should be perfect match for Sophia.