Sim Audio vs. Plinius Need Advice?

I have Vandy 2ce speakers and am going to upgrade my amp. I like the reviews I have read on both of these but am a little concerned the lack of power in the Sim (70WPC). Can anyone help me here, I will be upgrading the speakers in about a year so I am thinking about the future here also. My budget is $2000 used for the amp. Thank you. Rick
From my listening both are wonderful amps. The Plinius I feel, is a great bargain due to the phono stage and almost limitless power. Sound wise you can't go wrong but go for the extra power.
Rick. I think they are the two best integrateds in their price range. I have Meadowlark Heron i speakers. The Plinius is amazing with them. It is about as good as I have ever heard. I have heard the less expensive Meadowlark Kestrels with the Sim at a dealer and it drove them very nicely. The Plinius is warmer, the Sim more nuetral. In fact, as nuetral as I have heard. The Sim reminded me tonally of my old Krell integrated. I don't think it will have the same effect of listening fatigue though. I spoke to Meadowlark about whether the Sim would drive my 90db Herons, and they said it would. I have been thinking about these two integrateds for awhile, and I would give an edge to Plinius for sound, and to Sim for build quality, features and appearance. If you have any questions, feel free to email. I could give you the name of a dealer who has both. You could get the Sim, new, for not much more than your budget.