Sim Audio or Bryston 7b's?

Moved form an apartment to a house and now I need a larger amp. Upgrading from a Bryston 9b. Wondering what all of you thought about the Sim Audio Titan vs Brystons 7b or 14b amp. Looking for serious, endless, power and am not sure which way to go. My guess is the Sim would kill the Bryston 250watt models.

The Bryston 14b st is very new and they have a great warranty.However the Sim W-5 has endless power with
finesse that most big amps for low cost have trouble
providing.The Titan is a monster,hope your neighbours
don't live to close.
Sim Audio gets my vote definetely the best sounding SS amp i have heard, very tube like midrange and non tiring sound.
I used to own the SimAudio Moon W-5. A wonderful amp that will reproduce micro-dynamics like few can. Powerful and even a touch of sweetness which is rare for a solid state. Definitely seemed like more power than it's stated 190wpc.

However, it seemed just a tad enemic power-wise for my very inefficient Aerial 10T's.

Now the Moon W-5 is not a Titan but SimAudio makes very nice equipment in general.

You don't mention what speakers you have. That would help to answer your question.

You might also through the Theta Dreadnought into the hat. It's a bit cheaper I think and the sonics may be superior to your other two choices.

Current speakers are Phase Tech 9.1(4 ohm) as mains and 3.1s(6 ohm) as center and surrounds. Sen. 92dbs I know these are basically entry level speakers, but they work for now. I was thinking of the Aerial 7b combo, which are more inefficient speakers.

Currently with all levels flat(0) the Bryston 9b clips. Don't get me wrong the volume level is nice, just looking for more.

The amp is on a dedicated 20amp 120v circuit.

I was using the Moon W-5 for my Aerial 10T's. A very inefficient speaker.

Again, I believe you should give serious consideration to the Odyssey Stratos amps for the Phase Tech speakers and for the Aerial 7b's in the future.

For $995, they are supposed to be absolutely fantastic and powerful and fast.

A great amp can make mediocre speakers sound very good. But a mediocre amp could never make great speakers sound great.

I'm currently using the Bryston 14b-st.
My spec.sheet shows clipping at 612 watts
into 8 ohms (each channel). Read reviews on
audio This amp uses different
output devices from other Bryson products.
Simaudio would be a much better choice. I a/b'ed between a W5 and 7B a while ago and the W5 just simply destroyed the 7b in almost every way, sonically.
Hi Marty, I have a pair of Aerial 10Ts and wanted to go to home theater. I needed a 5channel amp to do this. I went with a powermaster 2000. It was a good amp but didnt have the punch that i was looking for. The aerials are a little laid back. I called Steve at Sound Video and he said the titan would be the amp for you. He is an installer and has a great product line. He carries the aerial line. He said the Sim Titan is the amp. He also has the best prices. I ordered it and never looked back . This amp does it all music first and home theater. When the wife is not home and you married guys know what im talking about I like to crank it up and this amp will throw you up against the wall. Well thats my 2 cents. Its off to do some yard work. Check out Steves sight at HTTP;//wwwSound