Sim Audio Moon W5 vs. Bryston 4bsst

If anyone has compared these two amps I would appreciate your opinions on them.

1. Which has a smoother more musically involving sound?
2. If they were both the same price which would you buy?

Thanks alot
1. Sim Audio Moon W5. Less dry with equally solid bass and extended highs as the Bryston.

2. Sim W5 with little question.
I agree.

1. Sim W5 (musical in comparison not absolutely)

2. Sim W5
Hi Brent,

Remember me!!! I had the Bryston 4B SST that we were thinking of trading for the Odyssey monoblocks? Well I have sold the Bryston and now have a Sim Audio Titan 5 channel amp. Much better than the Bryston. More detailed, neutral and transparent. Less harsh and grainy in the highs. IMHO definitely better than the Bryston. But then it's more expensive as well
I own a 4B-ST and W5. The W5 smokes even the 7B-ST, which I had in my system for a 1 week demo. Compared to the Brystons the W5 is much more liquid, refined, and dynamic. Additionally the W5 is much more airy than the brystons.
I too have a Sim Titan 5x200 amp. I used to have 4B-ST and 5B-ST Brystons, as well as Pass Labs x-series. The Sim is easily the better amp as described by the other posters.

It also runs with almost NO heat output, whether idling or in full-blast HT mode. I found this to be more then a passing advantage over both my Brystons and Pass amps due a cramped rack configuration (and a desire to avoid heating my whole house 24x7!).
Thanks all for your great responses. It seems to be fairly clear that the W5 gets the nod.
In fact the best sounding amp I ever had was the Moon I-5 integrated but I sold it to go to home theater. Off all the audio gear I have sold I regret selling it the most.

I currently have a 4bsst but will be looking for a used W5.

Yes Phil I do remember you for sure. I had both the 4bsst and the Odyssey monos and it was really a toss up. I sold the monos to go to a single amp.

Thanks again everyone!