Sim audio moon i3

I recently bought a sim audio moon i3. I have never owned a piece of equipment of this quality but I am a bit perplexed and/or concerned that I may have a defective unit. The volume has a scale of 0-50. It is rated class a to 5 watts. It seems as though the amp does not perform well at low volume settings anywhere below 20 on the volume setting. The owners manual says the volume is attenuated to smaller incriments below 35 on the dial. The sound quality is superb but I feel like the first 20 of the volume lacks energy. The speakers I am running are either Focal Electra. 926 or Epos m5i. Both behave the same way in respect to volume. Is this typical for this integrated amplifier or do I have a potential problem? Thanks in advance for your input!
"The owners manual says the volume is attenuated to smaller increments below 35 on the dial."

I think that has to do for compensation for super efficient speakers (100db +). With those speakers you'll have more control of the listening level. I have an Aavik U300 the volume control is pretty much the same.

you have a sonic match between the amp and Focal speakers.
What cables/cords are you using?
I owned the I-3 with focal 1027Be speakers years ago with the same results with the volume. I also agree with jafant concerning the sonic match between Sim and Focal since Focal tend to be on the bright side and the Sim is smooth and tames the brightness.  
I agree that the focals are a good match.I  am using straight wire interconnects and kimber kable speaker wire. The power cords are original to the I3 and my Nova LE cdp. Thanks again for the replies! 

I have heard the Simaudio gear w/ Audience cabling and it was a very pleasant match. This would have been back in 2007/08.

I know that the current Audience cable systems have been upgraded
a few times since then. It would be nice to re-visit the combo sometime soon.