Sim Audio Moon 340i


I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this, if not, then perhaps someone could please redirect me.

I have recently had a home demo of a Moon 341i d3px and the 260d transport which were both recommended to me.

They both perform brilliantly in my system and I would like to consider a purchase.

I was not aware of the Sim Audio/Moon brand until now and know very little about the company.

I note that the Moon 341i d3px was released around 2012/13 and the 260d a little later, and so am a bit concerned that they are both "not recent" models.


I would like to purchase these items new and am wondering whether they are likely due for replacement or an update any time soon.


Do Sim Audio keep their models running for a long while as opposed to updating at regular intervals?


If current users who use or have used Sim Audio products have any information or advice on this, I should be very grateful to hear it.


I am based in the UK




Simaudio is, in my experience, one of the best audio companies out there. They are a Canadian company and have manufactured their components there for 39 years. I've owned five pieces of their gear and the build quality, sonics and resale value are exceptional.

I can't comment on the length of their product cycles but they seem to keep up with new technological advances while retaining the value of their older gear.
 Thank you very much for the response and for the information.
This will be useful to me in making my decision to go ahead with the purchase. It is much appreciated

Simaudio is top notch stuff. I auditioned a 340ix last October at Suncoast Audio and really liked it. Guys that like extra bass might not care for it. But that's because it's highly my ears anyway.
Something I forgot to mention about Simaudio is their warranty policy. Their 10-year extended warranty on new gear bought from an authorized dealer is exceptional.
@audiofound I would agree that there is, for me, sufficient bass when used with the rest of my equipment.

@sfar Thanks for mentioning the warranty. I was informed about that by the dealer, but had since forgotten.

My retailer told me that SimAudio offered to “buy back” my 6+ month old SimAudio 600i V2 integrated amplifier at “FULL PRICE” in exchange for a new SimAudio 700i V2 Integrated amp.  

After a long conversation with my retailer, I decided to accept his offer. The 700i V2 amp has an oversized dual-mono power supply.  My retailer said the sound improvement will be very noticeable. I auditioned the 700i V2 amp and liked what I heard using my PMC Twenty5.26 speakers. It was a great opportunity, so I ordered the 700i V2 amplifier.   I have owned the 700i V2 amplifier for several months and it is excellent.

The 700i V2 amplifier has its own dedicated power supply for the preamplifier, while the 600i shares its power supply with both sections. The 700i V2 amp also features a considerably larger power transformer with greater reserve capacity.  

My retailer HIGHLY recommends SimAudio products because of their "excellent" sound quality, solid construction and great customer service. SimAudio offers that for any new SimAudio equipment you bought new, they will credit you 100% of your $$ investment if you purchased the unit in the last 12 months, and 75% in the last 12-24 months. This is how I upgraded to the SimAudio 700i V2 integrated amplifier.

Both the SimAudio 600i V2 and 700i V2 are excellent integrated amps. SimAudio makes excellent products and I recommend you consider their products.  

+1 to the above
As owner of Simaudio DACs, preamps and amps, I can also say their reliability and customer service is beyond reproach. Obviously, I love their sound as well. The 10-year warranty speaks volumes.  Enjoy!!
Thanks to all those who have replied.
It makes the choice of a purchase a lot easier.