Sim audio mind streamer vs Squeezetouch

Just auditioned the new sim mind control device and compared it to my Squeezetouch streamer. I used its aes connection to my dac vs the Squeezetouch coax . I was amazed at the detail I was hearing and didn't really expect to hear such a difference between these 2 streamers . Would be interested to hear from anyone else who has experienced the new mind control from sim.
Played through my Simaudio 650D dac the MiND 180 streamer sounds very similar to cd play through the 650D. I'd give the edge to the steamer though due to more 3D imaging and a deeper soundstage.

I'd note that, in my experience, streamers seem to carry the house sound of their brand as much as or more than DACs. For example, the Simaudio MIND 180 sounds very much like the built in cd transport in the Simaudio 650D while the Meridian Sooloos MS600 sounds very much like other Meridian sources through the same Simaudio dac.
Haven't had the chance to demo, but the Touch have all the functionalities that people like.
Seems expensive..i may be wrong.
The touch as only coax output the mind has aes for a balanced connection which in auditioning won sonically hands down, obviously now originally priced touches would be the better value.
How much is a MiND 180?
1250 US retail