Sim Audio I-5.3 vs Anthem 225 vs Creek Destiny 2

I have no access to auditioning the above integrated amps. I am very familiar with Creek's SE5350 Classic integrated. The Sim and Anthem products I only know by reviews. The Anthem's price at $1595 is very reasonable considering you get a decent MC/MM phono stage and 225 RMS. However for every great review of the Anthem, I have read and heard negatives on some audio blogs about its sound and its unruly volume control. The Sim audio seems like a nice, well built product but I can only afford a used I-5.3; the new Sim integrated at $6000-8000 featured in TAS last month is way beyond my budget. I would appreciate all comments from owners or auditioners of these products. Thank you, Jim
I don't have any experience with either that particular Creek or with the Anthem but I've owned three Simaudio 1.5's and I can't recommend that amp highly enough.

I bought a black one, traded it for a silver one, sold that one in an irrational fit of frugality and regretted it every day after it was gone. When I saw one of the Limited Edition ones come up for sale I jumped on it and I think I'll have it for a long time.

The build quality of the I-5 is extraordinary, better than anything I've seen in the price range. The feel of the volume control alone is enough to make it worth having around. It's just a beautifully built piece of gear.

Of course, it also sounds wonderful, very transparent without ever calling attention to itself. I've used it both as an integrated and as a preamp paired with a tube amp. I don't think you can go wrong with one.
I've owned the 5350SE as well as currently the Destiny. I got a great deal on the 5350SE and thought maybe I would just switch to that and then sell the Destiny and pocket some cash. Wrong. The Destiny is significantly better in every way in my opinion. There is definitely a similar sound but the Destiny just has a lot more of it and it clearly a product that is built well and built to last. Of the 3 you listed I'd still go for the Destiny. The only other amp in that range I'd be looking at would be the Krell integrated.
Each of the amps you mention are nice, but can sound lean. The 5350 is a nice piece, the Destiny is better, but after a 2 week trial (with a burned in unit), I found it tends to accentuate the top end at the expense of the mid-range. I've owned an 1.5 which was lovely, albeit a touch clinical. If you'd like something a little more balanced sounding - give an Exposure 3010s2 a try. It's priced lower than the destiny and Moon but to my ears, is a better piece.
I think all get great ratings...till you have that peice in yor own system,really hard to reccomend anything other than just pure bias and conjecture towards a particular product.i own the adagio and sim i5.3 amp and cd.the amp i am really curious about is the lfd mark4 le.Do love my i5.3 though(is there room for both?)until you try...the grass may not be greener?whats your source again jim?
Digs, You did mention the Sim Audio I-5-3 before. My setup is the Acoustic Zen Adagios, Creek SE5350 with MM card,. Rega Apollo. Rega P3-24 TT with Dynavector 10X5; Currently using Analysis Plus Oval 12 speaker cable about to be replaced by AZ Hologram 2. Replaced the amp PC cord with AZ Tsumani Plus(which was actually bought to be used with the Rega Apollo) Rega Apollo PC is a Shunyata Diamondback which I will proably switch back to player once I am convinced which sounds best. Lastly, interconnect from player and amp is an Audiomagic Spellcaster II which was purchased about 15 years ago. Provides excellent detail, but is somewhat bright, and possibly adding to amp's edgy top-end.I think I may retire it.... I happened to find in my closet, a Synergistic Research Alpha Sterling interconnect---it was the buzz about 12 years ago, and has a mellower sound than the AudioMagic. I might give it some time between the amp and player when I get some other factors squared away....Getting back to the I5-3. It seems to be well-built and designed. Wish it had more power and a decent MC stage The Sim web page seems to indicate it has been discontinued. May give it a shot if i can I find a mint silver one. Need to check out the unit's reviews. Thanks again, Jim. ****** Thanks to other members who have offered advice and councel for this thread