SIM Audio DEPRECIATION - Slide to hole?

I have heard so many great comments regarding SIM Audio W-5 Amps. Yet I have lately seen a relative flood of them on the used market all with less than a year of use on them and at incredible depreciated selling prices (faster than many other high end products). Further more, I have seen several sold by internet dealers just like $200 DVD players. What is going on here? Is this yet another of companies in disparate financial struggles or poor dealer distribution or poor marketing or all of the above.
Where are you seeing the relative flood of these amps at incredible depreciated selling prices? I only check this site with any regularity and have not noticed an abundance of W-5's or any extremely low selling prices. The two that are on Audiogon today are about $3000 as usual.
I monitor,,,, I have seen them at $2350-$3000 probably avg $2900. I have seen more of them relative to the small distribution network than most other high end amps. Even at your findings of $3000 for the amp that is a substantial loss of 36% in less than a year. I would call that dropping through the floor. I have seen losses of nearly 50% in a few months. That is what I am refering to. My experience I suspect comes from taking a bigger sample.
PS: Correction on above, I meant to give a range of $2350 to $3300.
SIM is made in Canada and I think retail up there is lower than U.S. Not sure how much, but might effect resale.
Whatever the case. After just listening to Sim Audio they are extreme value at new or used prices. Great with a capital A+++.
I think both of you are correct. As Sim Audio is a Canadian product it can be purchased in Canada for a lot less than US retail. The exchange rate alone almost accounts for the prices on the used market. I've owned a W-5 and P-3 since March and they just keep getting better. I have completely lost the urge to constantly look to upgrade these parts of my system. Beautifully made and just a joy to listen to.
Hello To all Audio gon people: I would like to introduce myself as the sales manager for Simaudio. I have concerns over negative cooments regarding distribution, I just would like to state that we as a company pride ourselves in the retention factor that our customers have. There have been a few W-5 amps come to the used market in the past few months, however, 2 of these amps that I know of came to the used market by nature of their upgrading to W-10 monoblock amplifiers. We as a manufacturer cannot control the used marketplace, as with the advent of the internet, you the consumer benefit greatly from the information found within. We appreciate and share the same concern regarding the used value of our products, as they are extremely high in value even at the suggested retail price points. My suggestion to you all, is that should you find a W-5 being sold at $2300 or whatever the price may be, please feel obliged to kindly tear the arm off the seller in purchasing this amp, as at that price you may have stumbled onto the deal of the year. Our amplifiers do not come to the used market often in relation to the amount of them that we sell. Which I feel is a very strong statement. Bearing all this in mind, please remember that without people constantly changing and looking for different components and sounds (of which there any many good sounding products on the market) Our industry wouldn't be as much fun as it is. Thank you all for your kind comments and concern. With our highest regards Vincent Stables Simaudio