Sim Ad\udio Equinox

Hoping that somebody might have experience with this player and can comment. thx.
check this out:
Also, JA's review in the September Stereophile.
See also issue 149 of TAS. Rated very well.
I auditioned this player in April and had to have it ! I have been in this hobby for many years and have listened to a lot of different players over that time. IMO ,,for the money it would be hard to beat this player . This is the first cd player I have owned that doesn't sound like a cd player . It gets the high's right , It separates the interments like no other player I have had or heard . There is just more detail coming out of this player,, Period ! Background music that is usually not noticed in a song is now present ! With the Equinox I here the different "layers" of music . Its just more three dimensional. Did I mention the highs sound like highs ??
Read the review in TAS ,, They loved it . This makes me feel good since I bought my Equinox before TAS came out with there review.

If your in the market for a new cd player give this player a listen . I have had mine for three months now and I'm having a blast going through my old cd's and re discovering them.