Sim 5080 vs. LFD Mistral vs. M-F A3 vs. Cyrus?

In my never ending quest to know everything about stereo (that means I'm not buying these right now). Any thoughts on the SIM 5080. It got a great review in the latest What HiFi?. So what's the ULTIMATE $1,000-$1,500 solid state integrated.
I'm against Creek and Cambridge stuff after hearing them (they unnaturally emphasize certain instrument's / notes / frequencies).
I've found Musical Fidelity to be a bit warm and laid back but very neutral top to bottom. I've heard good things about Cyrus but don't even know if they are available in the U.S.
Hello Cdc,
I cant speak for the others but i had the Sim I-5080 for years before making a change. I tried many equally priced int. amps and always stayed with the I-5080. The only reason i changed is because i got a great deal on the Sim I-5 Moon. Hated to see the 5080 leave though but the I-5 Moon is there top of the line Int. amp and does have a better sound. Try to find a used 5080 on this site.
The MOON I-5 is clearly better than the Mistral. I have owned both and there is no comparison...however, this wasn't the 5080 but the more expensive Moon series.