Sim 4250SE vs. McCormack DNA 225 for Gershmans

I am considering the purchase of very power hungry rather warm (particularly in the midrange)sounding speakers (Gershman Avant Gardes) and am wondering if anyone has experience with either amp listed above or could comment on their comparative sounds and advantages: Sim Audio 4250SE (round face) vs. McCormack DNA 225. I had considered the Plinius 9200 in lieu of the Sim 4250SE but wonder if it has the ultimate punch and force of the 4250SE. Would the Sim 4250SE be outmoded in comparison with the McCormack? Is there another amp with this kind of power that might mate well with the Gershmans? Thanks in advance for your help.
I have the X-1 along with the SW-1s paired with a DNA 225. Very punch and accurate presentation...I doubt that the older Sim model can hold much of a candle to the DNA. Yes, Gershman sound is warm and to balance that out, the DNA will be an excellent choice. Very dynamic sounding combo as far as I can tell.

I have paired the DNA with a battery powered preamplifier by Final Laboratories, very short signal with 3 inputs....grain free and no noisefloor to speak about.

The digital front end is a 47 Labs Shigaraki transport complemented with a Bel Canto DAC 2.0 decoder.