SilverSmith Palladium cables

Installed the SS Palladium for the Silver after the Silver wrecked me from all other cables I have ever heard in my system. The Palladium made me drunk with laughter. Sat there in audio shock!! A slap in the face the first sound out of the speakers. I hit gold and lots of it.

Hardwire AMP/SPEAKERS to the ribbons.

SC COME TODAY!! For those who have them you are truly blessed as having one of the best keep secrets in audio cable land.
Sounds great, but unfortunately, they are prohibitively expensive. 4K for a 1 meter set of the Palladium interconnects.
Glory, let us know how you like the speaker cables and the improvements you hear.

The speaker cables make a bigger impact than the IC's. Now I have to figure out how to remove the speaker post to connect direct.

I've been a fan of the Silversmith Silvers for quite a few years now. Very musical and detailed - a unknown gem that still performs well to today. I was wondering what your impressions of the Palladiums are 3 years after your post?