Silversmith Fidelium Speaker Cables

I have used Cardas cables for a few years now, Cygnus and Clear and figured when finances allowed I would move to Clear Beyond. I became aware or the Silversmith cables and was astounded by what I read, when I investigated and found out about their 30 day return policy I figured I had nothing to lose so I swapped them out for my Clear cables between my Luxman L509X amd ML ESL 11As and cannot believe the improvement! They simply do everything better, they are everything that I heard they were. Not just great " for the price" but for me an end game. I've been upgrading for 3 decades and never thought I could have such outstanding sound. I've learned so much from this forum that I had to share my experience and give something back. My Kuzma Stabi R, 4 point 11, Pass XP-25,, Dyna XV-1s, and Esoteric X-01 D2 I all got from Audiogon people and I am very grateful. I hope Jeff Smith and Silversmith get the recognition they deserve. Anyone looking for speaker cables needs to try them, nothing to lose. They're not leaving my room! Be well, Joe.


We had them here for a try and they are indeed very good. They are at a level where I could see a lot of guys like you saying, "Done!" A lot of this I think is because there is truth to the audio dictum that sins of commission are worse than sins of omission. These simply do not commit nearly as many sins as most, and this I would think will make them very easy to live with.

I absolutely share all enthusiastic voices for Fideliums!

Replaced excellent $6K cables for the $1200 Fideliums. Those other cables now seem like junk relatively. I understand that Fideliums have replaced some uber expensive cables. Could, in fact, be the "best regardless of price".

After so much raving about these cable I had to try it.

So, I had the Silversmith for a time and was just not impressed. Way to anemic sounding for my tastes. I am using tube amps.

Perhaps different equipment reacts differently with this silver ribbon type cable, many people seem to like them.



Ozzy, I appreciate your opinion on these. I find it refreshing when people take the time to tactfully post contrary positions. I sometimes do the same, and try to never to be negative, or wish a designer harm. I think like sight, we all have basic vision, but from there appreciate all things in our own way. I'm going to give these cables a try some day. 

I sure hope the word gets out on these, they are a revelation! Probably won't get reviewed in the mags, politics as usual I suppose. Jeff is a great guy too, took all my calls and called back to follow up even from the airport last week on route to the Capitol Audio Fest! Saved me a lot of $ and got much better sound.