Silversmith Audio

Has anyone had any experience with these cables . Any info would be greatly appreciated. I haven't read the review in Ultimate Audio yet. I will pichup a copy soon to read the review that was published recently.Thanks.
I have a buddy who is way high end and he recently got 2 sets (biwire) of the speaker cable and a run of the balanced interconnect. He actually called me at work on my cell phone to sing the praises of these cables. He says that it is a whole lot better than both Transparent Ref XL and Nordost SPM. I'm sure he would be more than happy to expand on his praises if you want to email him. His name is Tony and his email is [email protected] I can't wait to try it myself, it's just a little to pricey for me right now though.
Hey Ejlif Thanks, for your response and I am gonna contact Tony and allow him the chance to update me .This morning I am going to purchase the copy of Ultimate Audio (if I can find that back issue) which reviews the Silversmith cables.I appreciate your time.Chuckie
The review from Ultimate Audio is on the Silversmith web site. It's