Silverline SR17s vs Dynaudio 1.3SEs

I am in the market for small monitors. Small listening room. Rig includes Linn Ikemi, Plinius 8150, Truthlinks and Pro9s. Does anyone have any comments about these two, or other small monitors $1.5 - 2.5K range. I listen to classical, jazz, vocals, some rock. Joel
Two very good products. Haven't heard them but the 1.3s will definitely require more power to completely open up, so that might be a consideration.

Two others I've heard nothing but good things about are Tyler Acoustic monitors(I believe only available through mail order with a risk-free trial available) and Reference 3As. Both of these may put out more bass than the Silverlines and maybe the Dynaudios too. Two others that are highly regarded are the Talon Khites and Merlin TSMs. Best of luck.

I can also recommend the Tylers but will say they are bass shy. Love the imaging,accuracy and non-fatiguing sound but bass doesn't drop any lower than the low 40's.
I'm listening to the Taylor monitors right now and the bass is great for monitor speakers. How many monitors go below 40 Hz? Using a Rogue 88 amp on ultralinear. I do think they are somewhat amp sensitive or power hungry though. Was using a 30 watt triode amp and agree there was little bass.
Drrasta - I don't know about the power requirements as I've only used them with my 4B-ST (pretty beefy amp...) and the bass doesn't go near as low as the Platinum Solos did that I had before but the overall presentation is much much better. I've heard a few monitors that go lower - Totems for one but I can't get over how non-fatiguing yet accurate the Taylos are!
Nearfiled monitors have been recommended to me for just such a set up. I've not heard them, but the Tannoy nearfield monitors are thought highly of. I have a pair of Tannoy D500s at home and they are splendid. Non fatigueing.