Silverline SR 17 speakers and Dynaudio drivers

In your experience, is it normal for Silverline SR17 speakers (not the latest model) with Dynaudio Esotech drivers (6.5" woofer) to emit cracking noises when pushed to very high levels ?
This happened with two different amplifiers, a 90W per channel Etalon SS amp and a Krell integrated with 200W per channel.
SPL levels were very high, I would say around 105 db.
I wonder because the spekares are rated for 200W RMS.
Thanks in advance for your help
Suggest you email Alan at Silverline and see what he says. He has been responsive to emails for me.
Thanks, I would like to first hear from user's experience.
I may contact Alan further down the line.

I sold a pair of used Silverline SR17s to a friend of a friend. I have never had any troubles with the speakers, which are in mint condition.
The buyer tested them at extremely high levels and complained of cracking noises.
I wonder if this has to do with Dynaudio's short gap/ long voice coil construction (plus pushing the speakers to the limits).