Silverline Speakers Minuet Supreme Plus - Sonatina MKIV

My main system consists of a Macintosh MC 2125 amp, C30 preamp, and a Thorens TD 320 turntable.  I had a set of BW 603 which I really liked.  I had them hooked up with a Sub ... but they really didnt need it.  After a few years of use ... and as I said I really thought they sounded great.  I got the bug for new speakers.  I went down to Magnolia and heard all the recent candidates from BW.  The CM 10 sounded pretty nice .... but honestly not much better than my 603 S3s.  Maybe it is my system vs the test system at BB .... who knows.  I went to some local listening rooms and heard friends systems (including some really high end 5k -10k) ... not much really made we want to buy a set of speakers.  Well, that is until I heard the Silverline Sonatina MKIII.  I was basically blown away.  I found a set of used MKIVs and bought them.  I have had them for about a year.  They are absolutely awesome. NO Sub!  I can not imagine getting rid of these ... ever.  For whatever reason they turn my system into pure nirvana.  Some of my audiophile friends are blown away. 

OK now the real purpose of my post ... my bedroom system.  This system consists of a Sound Valves VTA-70 Tube amp, Carver C1 preamp (completely upgraded - really sounds awesome) and BW 685 S1s.  So lets just focus on speakers.  This system really sounds amazing ... I mean really nice.  I was extremely satisfied with the BWs.  So since I have been so happy with my Silverlines on the main system ... I decided to try a set of Silverline Minuet Supreme Plus which I found on Ebay at a decent price and sell the BWs.  Well as happy as I was with the BWs, I am happier with the SIlverlines.  They just sound crisper I think is how to explain it.  I read that they dont have much bass .... that is just not true.  They dont have that deep bass that my Sonatina MKIVs have .... but they really sound full and have plenty a tight bass.  Maybe it is my amp thay allows the bass to come through ... I cant really say ... but there is no lack of bass at all.  Built quality is top notch as well.

I just wanted to let the forum know how good these little (they are small - 1/2 the size of the 685s if that) speakers sound.  I do think it has to do with the quality of the input signal ... the better that is the better these babies sound is my guess.  They are $700 new ... I found my set on Ebay for 400.  Really 400 ... it is hard to believe that 400 dollar speakers can sound this good.  
I have a pair of (original) Minuets in my bedroom system, too. They are amazing little speakers in my opinion. In my setup, they sound great at moderate volume and I listen to them for hours with no fatigue. 

Good to see other Silverline fans on here!


I had a similar experience.  I got to hear B&Ws next to Silverline and Joseph Audio speakers and it was just no contest.  It's not that the B&Ws sound bad, it's just that the others, to my ears, we're just so much better in almost every way.  And I completely agree about the bass capabilities of the Minuets.  I read a review that said they're bass shy and that is not what I heard at all, especially given their size.  Awesome little speakers. 


I saw your post on a Silverline thread I started some time ago. Thanks for your response. Crazy thing is, if I were explaining to someone what I wanted in a speaker, I'm not sure I could nail the Minuets. They are simply satisfying to me. 

You owning and enjoying both models makes me want to start my hunt again and move up the line. 

Mind sharing your placement details regarding your Minuets? 

Fwiw, mine are a little over 8 feet apart and the woofers are 36" from the wall. 


Hey Gary,  There is really nothing special about the Minuet placement for me ... they are about 8 ft apart and about 2.5 ft from the back wall.  They are about 7 ft away from the side walls.  I feel the same way about the sound .. they are really extremely satisfying.  As I said I really liked the BW 685s ... but after hearing these ... there was some detail I was missing.  I am also happy with the bass ... might be the tube amp at work ... but either way absolutely no lack of bass.


Hi Guys,
I just wanted to add my +1 to this discussion.
I have had mine for several months.
For such tiny speakers they pack one hell of a punch and at a not to crazy price point.
Somehow the 3.75" (or 3.5" inch depending on who's measuring) metal drivers in my Silverline Preludes create midrange nirvana beyond what you might expect. Well done Alan Yun (and REL who make the bass kick it up). 
Interesting thread on the Silverline Sonatina. I am searching for a loudspeaker with good efficiency and the Sonatina checks on all the requirements - high efficiency, near full range, 8 ohms nominal, etc. What other loudspeakers did you guys compare with the Sonatinas? Only interested in feedback on Sonatina. 
I'm a (very satisfied) twice represented Silverline owner.

I've had Sonatinas (Avalon style cabinets) in a HT set-up in my family room for almost a decade.  We use that system for tv viewing every day and the Silverlines perform like champs.  When we kill the picture and use the system for music (often when entertaining), I think that they really sound great for their size and price (particularly given the modest associated electronics/source components).  An excellent all-around loudspeaker, IMO.

Based on that happy experience, I later got a pair of Preludes for use in my home gym.  Footprint was a critical concern, as was bass response and SPLs sufficient to obliterate the fact that I'm usually on a treadmill when listening.  That's a tough combination of qualities, but the Preludes definitely do the trick.

I can't comment on their more expensive stuff (just never got a chance to hear it), but the real world products from Silverline represent excellent value, IMO.

interesting thread indeed. I'm also looking for speakers with high efficiency (90-95 DB). Looking to audition coincident Super eclipse III, super victory (used), and Von schweikert VR 33. Very encouraged to see some happy Sonatina IV owners. Always wanted to audition used sonata 3, and Lafolia, but nothing available on market now. By the way what happened to the Sonata line? I'm disappointed that silverline now has only one floor stander (sonatina mk IV) in the 3-15 k range. Any sonatina mk IV owner, not happy with its bass?
I went to the Newport Beach audio show and heard all of these speakers that I could not afford.  Then for some reason I went into the Silverline room.  I ended up going back to the room 3 times.  I really thought the sound for a 600-700 speaker was incredible.  The only fallacy with the sound was that he had $25k cables hooked up to them.  I have heard so much about Elac so I specifically went to their room.  Yes it was packed and everyone thought they were great.  To me, the Silverline were way better.  And I mean way better.  I am buying a pair for my son to replace some old bookshelf B&W speakers.