silverline sonatina vs soliloquy 5.3

anyone have any comments on these speakers. from what i have gleaned from the web both speakers share similar positive charcteristics: transparent mids, wide soundstage lively dynamics and sweetly detailed highs, from what i gathered the Sonatina's sound beter with SET amps while the 5.3 are better with SS. Since I'm using a Aragon 8008 I am thinking of going with the 5.3's. Any insight would be much appreciated.
The Soliloquy's also sound very good (better IMO) with tubes. I auditioned them with SS Conrad Johnson and Tube Audio research gear. I would not let that influence your decision. If at all possible try and audition them with your amp or better yet see if you can demo them in your home. I think that they are both very nice speakers, so no help there.
I believe the Soliloquy 6.3s might be more comparable to the Sonatina in price and has a better bottom end than the 5.3s. I bought the 6.3s in November here on Audiogon and am very satisfied with them.
Just got 5.3 from underwoodwally - plus center. Early impression is great. Purchased after buying 5s for bedroom and loving them. May want a sub with 5.3, but if using for music (sorry - like HT) Solilo makes a great musical sub Wally also sells.
Have not hard the 5.3's, but do own a pair of the sonatina's and they are terrific. Have used wiht both tubes & ss and they respond well to both. Agree that 6.2 or 6.3 is a more direct comparison. Sonatina's go quite low and are beautifully made - don't need stands either.