Silverline Sonatina or Merlin VSM-SE

I am considering purchasing either a pair of Silverline Sonatinas or Merlin VSM-SEs. Has anyone done a direct comparison? I will be listening exclusively to classical music in a two-channel system (no HT) and using a Meridian 508.24 feeding into a Placette passive pre-amp and an Aragon amp (soon to be upgraded). I am also not concerned with the difference in prices at this point. Thanks in advance for the advice!
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The person to talk to is John Rocke. He's at He sells both and he's a straight shooter.
I currently own both speakers. The VSM-SE has a leaner tonal balance and is significantly more dynamic than the Sonatina. As a result, it is both more striking and far less forgiving. Set up with the sun, moon, and stars aligned (i.e. the right system and room) it can be spectacular. Set up less than optimally, it can be disappointing. Conversely, the Sonatina is both warmer, and more polite in balance, with far more deep bass capability. Other than the diminished dynamics, it is hard to make this speaker misbehave. I have run it with both 11 watt 300Bs and low powered OTL amps with GREAT results. Due (presumably) to the impedence characteristics of the speaker, it sounds significantly more dynamic with these amps than with more conventional amps, and (if you desire meaningful deep bass output)it is the best match for such amps that I have yet encountered at any price. Hope this is helpful.