Silverline Sonatina MK II:at Resale alot/Any Good?

Need input about this particular model, Silverline "Sonatina MK2" which seems to have been recently upgraded. Anybody know about this company and the performance quality of their speakers, especially the "Sonatina". I have read they tend to sound bright Also, they look nice and built quality seems excellent, but they always seem up for "resale" !!!
Just be aware that Silverline offers a warranty only to the original owner. Caveat emptor.
let me just say that i was not impressed from this brand and model in particular.
I have a pair of Sonatina and they are a very musical speaker. Yes they can be a little bright, especially if something upstream tends to be that way. These speakers have beautiful finishes, easy placement, and Alan Yung is great to work with. They produce some of the best midrange I have heard. Tubes are a better match than SS IMHO. I think these speakers play certain types of music better than others, ie. if you like heavy metal, probably not the speaker for you. If your tastes are more mild this would be a nice speaker for you.
I'm unfamliar with an upgrade for the Sonatina MK II. I own the original Sonatinas and have been ejoying them very much for three years. Yes, I am considering selling them (I'm the original owner) only because I bought a 45 SET amp in February and was so impressed I'm considering either a horn or single-driver that will better matchup with my Moth amp. Let me say the Sonatina+Moth combo is a very compelling duo. I just want to investigate first-hand what all the fuss is about.
unlike Marakanetz, I have been very very impressed with this model as with the other Silverline Audio speakers. The build quality is excellent and sound unmatched at this price point. They do love tube/SET
An amazing speaker that images like a small monitor, has great detailing and sound staging but can sound VERY cold and the bass is soft.
I have very latest Sonatina II. It is not remotely cold sounding. However it's possible that Alan made some design changes during production so you should get serial numbers of the units you are considering an contact him at
Hi. Don't know about the IIs but I bought a pair of IIIs recently. I don't find them bright at all and the bass is fine-clean and accurate but perhaps not want you want if you're into a lot of rock. I sold a pair of Alons which definitely were brighter than these.
Absolutely silky smooth mid's, very good bass extension.
Imaging and air of these speakers are wonderful.
I'm running mine with a Mcintosh 6900 integrated amp and
couldn't be happier.
Can be had on A'Gon used for around $2000
Good Luck!