Silverline Sonatina IV

I have recently acquired a pair of the tiny Minuet Supreme Plus monitors from this company and love them! I am trying them out side by side with the PSB Imagine Mini's and so far prefer the Silverlines through my Audio Research CA-50 integrated amp, though I've only had the speakers for less than a week. I am in need of another pair of speakers for my bigger listening room and wonder if the Sonatina IV's would give me a similar sound signature to the tiny Minuets? The large listening room has BAT amplification (VK55SE mono blocks and VK32SE preamp). The Sonatinas do not need that much power at 91 dB sensitivity. Any thoughts on how the Sontatinas will sound with my BAT stuff? As sweet and pure as the Minuets? Currently I am using ProAc D13s with the BATs plus a REL Storm III sub, and the sound is good but not great. I am still working on setting up the sub properly in the room. Wondering if the Sonatinas would be a better match?
Yes, they are and will.
What don'y you contact Alan Yung, designer and owner of Silverline Audio.
Humble, and very honest about his products, and can't think of anyone who will
give you a better answer of what you are looking for.
I called Silverline a couple of years ago about my Preludes (thought I needed a replacement woofer but it was simply disconnected)...Alan Yun answered the phone himself (!) and could not have been nicer, spoke with me at length about the Preludes including telling me they sound better single wired (other models differ of course). I think the Preludes, properly set up and using a sub, sound amazing. Sort of a mini speaker on steroids.
Yup, if you don't have a large room, and they will do OK even there., spending more money than Preludes might get you something, but it will be only the last 2% of harmonic resolution.
Also easy to drive, 8 tube watts does fine in my 13x12 bedroom.
I agree Alan is a pleasure to speak to. I'm a big Silverline fan too I've owned Sonata 2's twice as well as SR 11's and 16's and helped my friend buy the original Sonatinas which he loves.... All / any of Alan's speakers share his wonderfully natural house sound and will work well with subs too. Pick your size and price - point and jump in. Great stuff IMHO.