Silverline Sonata?

Whats up with these speakers. I see alot of them for sale (demos/used). Are they good sounding like say a Snell Sound with the more forwardness of a wilson cub. Please give your insite.

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Gentlemen- I've owned my Sonatinas since january-I love them. Everytime I see an ad for them (or my powersnakes) I always contact the owner, asking why are you selling? Stating, clearly, my intent not to purchase but for input. Never have I been told that it was due to workmanship OR SONICS. even when upgraded to something else (more expensive) they all praised the Silverline speakers; Sonata or Sonatinas. While some have found some problems, I don't think, judging by the feedback I've received, it is common place. I love them and stand by them as a music-making component in my 20k system. Mike