Silverline Sonata or ? Comparable to what I heard

Had a chance to audition the Silverline Sonata the other day. These are the Sonata 4 way not the Sonata ll. I have the SR17's now with up graded cross overs that Alan did for me. I like what I heard and before I commit what other speaker may give me the sound I heard from these. Reading some other threads, should I consider the Salk and the Tyler's? Model numbers would be helpful.
Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks for your help,
PS. Happy New Year
I have the Sonata II and auditioned the JMlabs 936, Von Schweikert VR4Jr, and Tyler Taylo III during my selection. The Sonatas seemed to match my system and room the best. The V4jrs were warmer, JMlabs were more dynamic (2nd choice), and the Tylers were very nuetral, but I have a more live sounding system and room, so the Sonatas were the match.