Silverline Sonata MK.lll overall sound

I had owned the Sonata MK.ll and was happy with the sound as they had an overall warmer tonal balance. Then the MK.lll came and were advertised as smoother, more transparent, faster and a richer bass than the MK.ll because they now used the Dyna drivers. I bought them at a decent price. These speakers take about 1000 hours for breakin according to Silverline and I have about 250 on them now. I am perplexed by them, on one hand they very transparent, open, more detailed and have a solid rich bass. On some of my cd's they are spectacular, and on others they sound thin on the tonal balance. There appears to be a upper treble glare (brightness) that is not right and I don't kmow if it is room acoustics. associated equipment or the speakers (maybe the crossover has to be adjusted). Does anyone have a similiar problem with this speaker? Help.
My associated equipment: AR LS 16 Pre-amp, VTL ST 150 amp, Audioquest volcano speaker cables, acoustic zen silver ref. interconnects. Theta Gen.Va dac and universal transport and tice power conditioner.
I do not have the Sonata III's. A very attractive speaker though. You say "On some of my CD's......" Perhaps you are now hearing your software (or hardware) as it really is. Your complaint is not unusual for someone who has finally acquired really revealing speakers - most people tend to blame the speakers for hardware and software problems. For something you can do now, for free, play with speaker toe in. If you are listening on or near axis that could be your problem. Point them straight ahead and/or cross the axis in front of you. If the latter helps you probably have reflection problems from your side walls to deal with. Another area to consider is whether or not your silver cables are now becomeing additive - many folks feel that silver cables have a tendency to sound brighter than copper cables (everything else being equal).
The first thing I would try would be to substitute AZ Matrix Ref. interconnects for the Silver Ref. -- still very detailed but less energetic up top and luscious in the mids. This one change might do the trick, and it's a relatively easy one to make. Best of luck.

IMO, sounds like a software issue, specifically the poor mastering job performed on some of your cds:

"On some of my cd's they are spectacular, and on others they sound thin on the tonal balance. There appears to be a upper treble glare (brightness)".

That upper treble glare is more noticeable on a better, more transparent speaker.

I'd take one of Steve Hoffman's DCC discs and use that as a reference, or you can try FIM's compilations for confirmation.

Bottom-line, for me, since not all of your cd's are exhibiting this "glare", then it's the individual discs which are the culprit, and not the gear.


Thanks to all for the feedback.