Silverline Sonata-III vs. Sonatina-III with Cary

Still hesitating what speakers to order - Silverline Sonata-III or Sonatina-III to be used with Cary SLI-80 integrated amp in a 12x8m room. Would the Sonata-III be too much in this room (boomy bass, standing waves, etc.) or not?
12x8 meters? :) I'm assuming you mean 12x8 feet. I have Sonatina IIIs in a 13x17x10h room and I don't feel I'm missing any bass from the speakers or have too much. I drive them with Manley Snappers. I auditioned the Sonata IIIs (great speakers) in a much bigger room (dealer didn't have Sonatinas) and his concern was they might be too much for my room. He did ask Alan Yun and Alan said that the Sonatas could be fine depending on how they were driven and type of music. I went with the Sonatinas and have not regretted it. I wouldn't mind hearing how the Sonatas sound in my room though. :)

Your room is much smaller. The Sonatinas are great sounding speakers, but they are rear ported which could cause issues in your room wrt placement - they may need to be too far from the wall to get bass right. You may want to consider a front ported speaker or monitors and a small sub.

Good luck.

I have a Cary SLI-80 matched with a pair of Sonatina III's and it sounds great. My room is approximately 12' by 17'. They are pulled out about two feet from the back wall and spread about 8' apart. The bass is not boomy but just right.
Thanks Larry!

I miscalculated my room - it is only 18 sq. meters!
Thank you! It's very interesting.