Silverline Sonata III vs. Coincident Total Eclipse

Has anyone compared these two speakers? My intention is to use them with tubes (haven't decided yet on the exact topology, but would be nice to be able to use low power and sound good at low volumes). Room is 30x13x8 but may be curtained off to be 18x13x8. Listening is 35% classic rock, 35% bluegrass, 20% jazz, 10% classical. Musicality and detail (especially acoustic instruments and voices) is more important than raw power or super deep bass (i have a seperate 200 watt solid state system with subwoofer if I really need to crank it up).Any input is greatly appreciated.
Haven't compared them but,
Coincident speakers are amazingly efficient with loads of bass. They will fill that room with 3 watts!

Why curtain it off? It won't help/hurt acoustics unless your curtain is about a foot thick and still, the bass will dissipate.
I've never heard any Silverline speakers, but I've heard a bunch of Coincidents, and the current models are uniformly excellent.

A friend has Total Eclipses running on VAC 70 watters in a bigger room than yours. I have the Total Victories, and they're playing right now on 6 watt PX-25 amps, with amazing dynamics, volume and soul. 6 watts probably wouldn't be enough on the TE's, but 25 or 30 ought to do them just fine.

I've also heard Super Eclipse III's running on a Manley Neo-Classic 300B amp, and again there was no lack of volume. It was in a room that was higher and wider than yours but not as long - I'd estimate 18x25x10. This setup really impressed me, so don't write off the SEIII just because it's smaller.
good point about the curtain...its not really needed except that right now the room is super "live" and i thought i might need it for other reason and experimentation will determine the best course...
A cirtain would look hideous. Invest in some nice "soft" artwork, tapestry's or similar and you will get a better look and probably better results.