Silverline Sonata II or Sonatina II

After completing purchasing a tube amp, I am ready to buy a pair of efficient speakers. These two seems to be highly recommended by some of the on-line reviews.

I have a rather average size room 19x11ft. Which is more appropriate?

The Sonata seems to have a very large baffle area and I don't know if it might have adversed effect on the soundstage and the ability to disappear, whereas the Sonatina is a much narrower design.
The review from Soundstage actually commented that the Sonata even with its larger size seems to have a more solid soundstage and holographic image.

Are the Living Voice a good alternatives?
Sorry, I cannot answer about the MK II versions of those speakers, so I don't know if this will help. But seeing as how no one has responded, here goes...

I heard the Sonata III and Sonatina III at length during a visit to Silverline HQ here in northern California. The Sonata was FAR more engaging than the Sonatina. After hearing the two, my wife and I would never consider the Sonatina. I know, it's an excellent speaker, but the only thing that came to mind for both of us during the audition was 'blah'. The Sonatina came off like a distant, thin sounding speaker with a barrier to engagement, while the Sonata (with Alan Yun's 7W SET amp) was for both of us beyond reproach. In other words, it sounded perfect in every way imaginable.

Good luck!
As an owner of the Sonata 2 I can attest to their virtues with a clear conscience. They would be an excellent choice for your room (IMHO). I originally heard them with a VIVA SET amp and I was "floored" with the lifelike presence in the admittedly small room (approx. 12' x 14'). I am currently driving them with a moderately powered tube amp (125 wpc) and they sound great. Would love to take more advantage of their 95db efficiency and friendly impedance with a low powered SET when I can get the $$ as an addition to my current amp (I want to keep the flexibility of reasonable raw power) but I'm certain you will enjoy them. Great soundstaging, excellent focus, natural unforced midrange, and never fatiguing. BTW my current room is only 12' x 15' or so, yours will be even better. Happy lissnin.
A friend owns the Sonatina II - and they are very good. Haven't heard the Sonata II, but I've auditioned the Sonata III - wow! And I own a pair of La Folia's.

My listening room is 13 x, if I had to choose, I'd go for the Sonata's.

Alan Yun makes some of the finest speakers available.
Now I can answer from specific experience, because I just picked up a pair of Sonata II's today. Holy moly, as my brother says. They are absolutely incredible. The person I bought them from had the Sonatina II's and said they sound quite thin in comparison. That was also my experience when comparing the Sonatina III to Sonata III. The Sonata's were engaging, while the Sonatina's were distant.

The Sonata II's are extraordinary. The drums have so much body. The vocals sound like they are floating in the room. The key for us was playing around with the interconnects. If the IC's are too muted on the top end, the speakers sound bass heavy and unbalanced. We put some silver IC's on, and pure magic. The speakers disappear in the room, and we cannot stop listening to them!

With our 7W SET amp & with a 40W hybrid, they are simply awesome! Back to the music....

Ihave the Sonata II, and LOVE THEM! My room is not much bigger- 19 x 13. The Sonatas are a big speaker, and do't like to be right next to the wall, so they do take up space. Having said that, they are a lot less fussy about placement as some other speakers. I highly reccomend them, if you can spare the room. One note of caution- the spikes are very fragile- if you have to move the speaker, walk it VERY GENTLY or better yet, take out the spikes. Don't tighten the speaker binding posts with a wrench either. Luckily I live a quick trip away from Alan's shop.
I added Rel Strata III sub to my Silverline Sonatina II, and seemed to add an extraordinary amount of grace and depth and beauty to the sound. I could swear that the treble and midrange actually sound better in addition to the bass - is this possible? (overtones?)

I like the slim look footprint of the Sonatina II, and so prefer to work with it rather than get a wider speaker. Also I added sistrum stands under the Sonatina II (using brass cups between speaker and stand), and wow, nice difference.

I must say though that the praise for the Sonata in this thread has got me thinking....

I haven't heard the Sonata's, although I own a pair of the Sonatina II's and I think they're great. As with most things, more money will attain an improvement....although with sound, hearing is the true test and no 2 people hear exactly the same. I too run a sub (an M&K MX100) and the combo is thrilling.