Silverline's "Prelude" vs. Monitor Audio RS-6

I am moving to a smaller apartment and downsizing the system and need a compact floorstander (which I prefer over monitor on stands)I have heard the Monitor Audio RS-6 and liked them alot---they have a slim profile and fit and finish are very attractive. Silverline's Prelude is also in the running but I have not heard them because there is no SL dealer within 100 miles. Absolute Sound and Soundstage have reviewed them. Therefore, has anyone heard either or both these new speakers, or had the opportunity to compare them?? I have heard "other" Silverline models and was impressed by their overall sound, but also thought they sounded a bit edgy and the music sounded canned (The Silverline Prelude is $1200 and MA's are $1000) I am considering either a used Sim-Audio I-5 integrated amp or the Audio Refinement Complete as the drive electronics of my downsized rig.... All opinions and comments welcomed Thanks, Jim
I own Silverline Preludes and attest these narrow floorstanders are a great value. I believe they are hard to beat at their price point. I would characterize their sound reproduction as musical, and they do not sound edgy or bright too my ears. Strongly recommended at this pricepoint...
I have Preludes as well, and agree that they are a wonderfull speaker. While certainly not a warm speaker, I don't consider it edgy either. I could see where it might sound that way with the bright electronics and/or cables. I'm using DH Labs Q10 speaker cables. I would never charactorize a Sliverline speaker as "canned." I have not heard any Monior Audio speakers... so I can't help you with a direct comparison.
I also have the Preludes, and I agree with the other posters - I would not consider them edgy, but very misical and balanced. Silverline knows how to do midrange. I have one of the very first pair, not the newer revised model.
Check out the new Sterophile article on them.
It's nice to hear from these happy Prelude owners. Reading John Atkinson's measurements section in the Stereophile review, it seemed to me like he was bending over backwards to not say "bad engineering."
I was disappointed when I read the measurements sidebar in Stereophile's Prelude review and saw that the measured specs didn't align with the claimed a fairly good margin.

I thought the speakers sounded great at CES driven by high powered Pass monoblocks, but the lower sensitivity and lower impedance measurements of the Preludes now preclude them from consideration with low powered tube amps, IMO.
Is anybody using the newest version of the Preludes ? I was curious about the fit and finish of the cabinet ? Does the front of the cabinet have the vinyl wood veneer ? I have been unable to find a quality pictures.

I'd like to try these in a smallish 13x15 room, with a Mac MC7100 amp and a Mac C712 pre. It seems the Preludes provide a decent bottom end.
A favor: Can the Prelude owners who have posted here describe their room size? I have heard these speakers, the new version, and was very impressed, but I suspect that I will need something bigger for my basement system. My basement is 500 square ft., with 6' ceilings. I would guess that I'd have to move up one notch in the line for my room. Any thoughts? TIA.
I used to have the new version of Prelude but sold it here about a month ago. The cabinet is still using the vinyl wood veneer(to keep the cost down). If you have a small space, this speaker is right for you. Because of its long and narrow shape, it is very easy to knock over by accident. The spikes that come with the speaker is a joke. I suggest you change it with some after-market brand. The speaker sounds okay for the price. I would buy a good condition used one than pay brand new price. No question Silverline Audio does a good job to design the Prelude.