Silverline Prelude Plus floorstanders

Alan Yun's new-ish entry level speakers, the advanced 'Prelude Plus'.

Has anyone here heard them/own them?

I have the previous incarnation of these speakers which I bought from a dealer here at AG 2 years ago and I'm in Australia and there was nothing easy about buying and organising delivery to Australia let me tell.

But I'm glad I persevered as they are a fantastic slimline speaker.

Now that Alan Yun has designed a new Prelude I'm eager to know anything about them.

Silverline's web site is not really up there as far as getting info about them and I can't seem to find any reviews of the new model at all and even when I purchased my Preludes the reviews were 5 years old.

So does anyone have any info on these new speakers?

I've tried contacting the dealer/member here at AG but he hasn't responded to my query.

I'd love some info about these.
C'mon guys....someone's gotta know something about these speakers.

I wish I could help, because I found these speakers to be intriguing, with features that showed a lot of promise. These things caught my attention:

o Small diameter mid/woofers improve dispersion and help avoid suckouts
o Tiny (5"x8") footprint makes them easy to place
o Supplied outriggers provide stability and save cost vs. aftermarket ones
o Silk dome tweeter and paper mid/woofers are a step towards sweet and organic-sounding
o Two extra woofers per column plus real rosewood veneer instead of vinyl is a pretty nice upgrade for just $500 over the standard Prelude.

However, my listening room is of unusual size and shape and I wasn't confident that 3.5" woofers--even eight of them in a stereo pair--would be enough to energize the area. Otherwise I might have taken the gamble.

Given what rave reviews the Prelude collected in 2006-7, it's surprising that there haven't been followup reviews for the Prelude Plus, especially considering that all the other Silverline floorstanders are much more expensive. The Prelude and Prelude Plus enable common folk like me to get a taste of the boutique sound and performance.

Underwood Hi-Fi is an authorized Silverline dealer. The owner has a presence here as UnderwoodWally. Here is the contact info.
I own the last gen Preludes and use them in my gym at home. Very good (tho not great) sounding speaker with better than expected bass extension and (especially) impact from a very small footprint (which is why I chose them in the first place). If floor space is sharply limited and bass impact is important (blood pumping workout music, for example), these speakers are IMHO an excellent choice.

I can't speak to the newest version, however.
I have the last gen Preludes also and can say (and will say) they are capable of sounding amazingly good if well set up with good things driving them (I put mine on wood blocks to raise the tweeter to my ears with Vibrapods under them)...very accurate mids and non screechy highs (these things can alleviate the fear of overly bright metal drivers), working best for my tastes with a sub and a tube amp. The new Prelude Plus seems to have little to do with the design of the originals (different drivers, etc.) but Alan Yun seems to know how to voice speakers so I bet they're fine. I'd be interested in a review of 'em.