Silverline Minuet Supreme Plus...

Anyone have suggestions for amplifiers that would pair especially well with this speaker?

Budget 1-2k.

For $2,000 I'd suggest the Hegel H80 integrated amp which includes a built in DAC.
These are one of the speakers I'm considering getting to go with my Rogue Sphinx. What are you using for an amp now? Also, how do you like these speakers? Can you describe their sound, and do you need to use a sub with them?
I have these speakers (an earlier incarnation). What is your pre-amp? Is your pre-amp tubed?

This makes all the difference. So... what pre-amp do you have?
thanks, Bill, for the great idea about the Hegel. I really like that thought. And, Duvallite, I love the Silverlines. I have them on my desktop. They are both really lively but also totally non-fatiguing and easy to listen to. They are completely non-fussy about placement. Most remarkable about them is how well they image and how big they sound. I'm not a big bass person, if you are, you might want a sub. But they go lower than you would expect, given their size. Right now, I just have them set up with the Marantz pm5004 amplifier (basically a $350 amplifier) which isn't a bad combination at all. I'm just wondering what they might be like with better electronics, hence my query. I have heard people using both solid state and tubes with the Silverlines, so the Sphinx might be a nice match. Let me know if you do this. I'd be very curious.

The original Minuets provided one of the most surprising demos at an audio show I've heard. Fantastic little speakers. At that NYC show they were powered by Monarchy amps, SM70 maybe? The sound and imaging was absolutely stunning, and his source was a mid-fi CD player he picked up at a garage sale. Not integrated though so you'd need a separate pre and don't think they make an integrated. Also like the Hegel recommendation.

I've had the Rogue Medusa in my system and thought its imaging and soundtage among other things were outstanding. If the Sphinx retains those strengths it could be quite a match with the Minuets I'd think.

Also consider contacting Alan Yun for his recommendations. He's a super nice guy. Then again, the Minuets sounded soooooo damn good with the Monarchys. Sublime. Best of luck.
Have had the Silverlines for several years. Running a Wyred amp, sounds great.
Thanks for your ideas, guys. I wrote to Silverline as well and their recommendation was to try one of Rogue's integrated tube amps or solid state from Pass Labs. So it sounds, Duvallite, like the Sphinx would be a great match with these. I would love to know if you go this direction. cheers, Margot
pS sprout, excellent match beautiful minimalistic system as well.

I have Silverlines (Prelude) and they're great, and I've talked to the designer who's pretty cool. That said, I think the name Minuet Supreme sounds like a small food item or a type of early music. I hope this response was helpful.
Margot, What size room will you be placing this system?  I don't think the Minuets are hard to drive therefore one can think in terms of quality, not quantity when it comes to power.