Silverline Minuet or Epos M5

Okay, for my major downsizing, I think I've boiled it down to these two. B&W685s are terrific and I know them, but they're too big for the installation area. I'm familiar with Epos speakers -- larger ones -- but don't know these. Both have excellent reviews. One has a silk dome tweeter (more attractive).

Any thoughts?
Don't know the Epos, but the Silverlines are very nice monitors. In my office, they sounded much bigger than they have any right to. They're very forgiving about placement (I had them on bookshelves) and are easy on top. Not sure how they'd do in a bigger room, but, in my experience, the reviews were spot-on. (For the record, I replaced them with Cambridge Audio S30s. Not quite as good, but, for the money and in my office, very close.)