Silverline Lafolia vs Coincident Total E

I have seen comments on these speakers, but has anyone done a head to head?
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Email ANthony Perrotta, he is a dealer for both and honest, carries both.

Hope this helps.

I've owned both.I had the earlier version of the La Folia which used a different bass driver than the current model. The La Folia is a more detailed speaker in the mids and highs with a deeper, more powerful bass. Could be that their rear firing 11 inch woofer going back to the wall had something to do with it. They can be bright with the wrong amp, and are more neutral that the Totals. The Totals are warm sounding and more forgiving. They are always musical, never aggressive, but less detailed that the La Folias. Bass is less powerful and deep but more articulate. Both are great speakers. Imaging and soundstaging on both is as good as it gets. The sensitivity on the Totals is far over rated. Soundstage tested them at 87db instead of the claimed 94db. They will work with SETs because of their benign impedence, but not well. The designer likes the 200 watt ASL Hurricanes. Depending on your personal tates and system, both are worthy of consideration.
The Total Eclipses' sensitivity is a true 94 db @ 1 watt into 14 ohm, measured in room at a distance of 1M. The 86 db NRC measurement published by Soundstage was the result of 3 factors:

1. Measurement was taken in an anechoic chamber- 3db discrepancy compared to in room;

2. Measuring microphone was placed at the non standard 2m distance, not 1m - 3 db discrepancy

3. Measurement was into 8 ohms instead of 14, accounting for another discrepancy of 2.8 db.

Therefore, the NRC measurement of 86 db combined with the discrepancy of the above listed 8.8 db, and the genuine sensitivity of the Total Eclipse is an authentic 94 db.

The Total Eclipse can easily be driven to high spls with SET amplifiers of 8 watts. Whether that is satisfying to every listener is another matter. Higher power amplifiers have their own advantages regardless of speaker sensitivity. Our website discusses the amplifier power issue in more detail.