Silverline LaFolia, anyone?anyone?Bueller?Bueller?

I am trying to plan my next speaker purchase and I'm intrigued by Silverline's LaFolia. I want to catch them used. Does anyone have any educated opinions on this speaker?
it's mr. bueller to you, mr. hand.
I have the Sonatas and am very pleased with them. They do a great disappearing act, have great mids and highs and adequate and realistic bass. I can only imagine the LaFolia as being as good and most likely better. I believe both use the same tweeters with the LaFolia using a bigger mid-woofer and woofer. This would seem to give a better bass response than the Sonatas. If you get them let us know how they sound.
I spoke briefly to the folks at Silverline while trying to find a local dealer, and when I asked about the LaFolia they seemed to want steer me to the Sonata II instead. If memory serves they said the two sound pretty similar, but the Sonata II has better bass capabilities. For what it's worth. Best of luck.

I owned the La Folias, and am the original owner of the ones for sale. They are fabulous speakers with tight, coherent bass, a very detailed top end, wonderful midrange, and are reasonably easy to drive. They can be a bit edgy on top if used with bright amplification. They also are very attractive, well finished, and have a reasonably small footprint. BUT, Silverline is steering people away from them because they can no longer get Dynaudio drivers. Dynaudio will no longer supply drivers to other speaker manufacturers with the exception of a very few (Merlin being one of them). The Sonata II uses locally manufactured drivers that are easily obtainable. I'm sure Silverline will phase out all of their speakers that use the Dynaudio drivers when the supply runs out. I don't think the Sonata II is the equal of the La Folia. The La Folia was better than the Talon Khorus I had previously in detail, tonal purity, and bass articulation. The Talon was better in imaging, but that's what the Khorus does best.
It's a wonderful speaker, and I suggest that you get them while you can. I had them in for audition for 60 days, and came away thinking it was the kind of speaker that I would love to own. Incredible image density, and yet detailing is as natual or better than speakers retailing for $30,000. This speaker is capable of low level resolution that is remarkable. More in the league of the Granduer (better in small rooms), and vastly superior to the Sonatina or Sonata. Yes, they are having difficulties with DynAudio drivers, and I'm desperately hoping the set I had comes back. If you can get a set with the DynAudio drivers, I suggest go for it.