Silverline La Folia Speakers

Does anyone own a pair of the La Folia spekaers? I am interested in knowing your impressions of these speakers versus others you have onwed/heard. Any help with room placement issues or equipment matching would also be of help. I have heard that they mate well with the Pass X-250 amp which I own.

Thanks for your comments and Happy Listening.
Alan loves to play his amps with Pass X amps, and they do sound great that way. I prefer low powered tubes myself.... Nice thing about most of his speakers is that you can do both! Not sure about the Folia...
FWIW I have been interested in these speakers because of their looks and drivers, however he has now come out with the Bolero which, I think, is the SR17 with real bass. Love the look of the speaker even more. I'm now waiting to hear some field reports from users.