Silverline Bolero vs Verity Fidelio

Any opinions on these two speakers? I want to pair them with a Pass ALeph 3. I like Jazz, Classical and female vocals. I crave tight bass, holographic imaging and depth and rich midrange. I currently have Proac 2.5s and am looking for a significant upgrade and am torn between these two!

Any suggestions?
for the type of music you like, upgrade within the proac line or audition pmc, or castle(howards)....all(including the silverlines and veritys will will give you what you 're looking on all counts except the bottom end...thats where the music(particularly jazz) becomes altogeher 'real', and where the pmc's and howards distinquish themselves from the veritys and the silverlines...the bigger proacs will do this too, but for far more money.
I would have to disagree with the above post. I have owned a pair of Fidelios for almost two years now and I think they are one of the very best speakers for the money. I understand that a lot of what you hear is system dependent so I will list what I have in my system. Cary V12-I amp, BAT VK50-SE pre and Electocompaniet CDP. Power cords are Elrod. I will say that these speakers have unblievable midrange, but that is what they are known for. They are smooth as silk and they have great detail even at very low listening levels. As far as bass is concerened, I have no problem with mine. Remember, thet have rear firing woofers so placement is key--not that they are hard to place, but it must be done in a way that is correct for what you want to hear. I listen to same type of music you do and find these speakers to really do it for me. They are magical--they draw you into the music with a lot of emotion and the depth of the soundstage is unreal. Again, it is system dependent, but with the right system IMHO, there is no better speaker in that price range. Good luck !