Silverline Audio Speakers review

Has anyone auditioned the Silverline Sonata or Sonatina? I wouild appreciate your impressions.
Coverage of HI-FI '99 from Chicago, USA -- May 12-16, 1999 SoundStage! LIVE Standout Room - Silverline Audio The Silverline Audio Sonatina speakers($3495/pair) produced some of the best sound heard anywhere at HI-FI '99 -- with everything from delicate female vocals to Pink Floyd to pipe-organ music. In a system that included a Wadia 6 CD player, KR Enterprise Model 1 preamp and KR Enterprise VT 8000 MK amps, the dual-woofer Sonatina avoided the bass bloat heard in other rooms to reproduce low frequencies that were nimble and deep along with highs that went on forever but were never harsh. The speaker's finish is gorgeous and satin smooth to the touch. SoundStage! has a review pair coming. Curryma, I have auditioned the Sonatinas at WEnterprisesNorthwest, in Portland, OR USA after reading the reviews from Soundstage and Stereophile (October 99) issue, and am very happy to have added a pair of them to my system. I am driving them with the KR Enterprise VT6000, with Conrad Johnson Pre and couldn't be happier.
I currently own Silverline Sonatinas (SRP $3400.00)& I'm very pleased. They replace NHT 2.5's(SRP $1400.00). It's hard to make a one-to-one comparison because I changed the electronics at about the same time. Most notable are improvments in the quality of tone & the solidity of the soundstage. I strongly suggest the upgrades to the internal wire & binding post option.