SilverLine Audio LA FOLIA speaker

Anyone using these speakers with Bryston gear.I'am told these speakers are very dynamic and like power.I audition these beautiful speakers at my friends house using a 4B-SST .My jaw hit the floor,The resolution and image is second to none under 15K speakers.Any end users give me your impressions.I'am particulary interested in audiophiles using LaFolia with solid state amplification.Thank You in advance for your input. JOSE
Martin DeWulf told me to listen to them along with the VMPS speakers since I own the Pass Labs SS X-250 power amp. I had asked him about speakers in the $6K range.

I have not heard them in my system but a friend of mine says that I have to soon.

Soory I cannot be of more help.
I owned a Bryston 4B-ST (haven’t heard the SST) with PSB Stratus Goldi speakers. At a recommendation of a trusted dealer, I dropped the Bryston and bought a Spectron Musician II. The Spectron was clearly head and shoulders above the 4B-ST (not even close). Now I’m using the Spectron with the La Folia’s and it is a great match! The Spectron has great power to control the 11” rear woofer and is also very clean and neutral. This combination must have great front-end components and cables to take advantage of what is possible.

What is nice about the La Folia’s is, you can listen to jazz with female vocals at moderate levels and they sound great, you can also rock at extremely loud levels equally as well, as long as you can afford to throw a lot of clean power at them.

With great (or proper) recordings, the La Folias will disappear. I literally could hear no sound coming from the La Folias but from in-between and around them—even at loud levels.

Good luck.
I own a pair of La Folia and have gotten excellent sound with them using a 60 watt Aronov LS960i integrated tube amp. About 3 months ago, I purchased a Pass Labs X-250 for the speakers. that's the ticket! The X-250 drives these speakers with amazing speed and dynamics. The point here is that this speaker is amplifier friendly. Read Marty Dewulf's article on them in Bound For Sound. He tried many amps with good success, and now uses them as a reference speaker in his reviews.