Silverline Audio La Folia II

I have a pair of Silverline Audio La Folia II speakers.   One of the woofers blew, or the wire from the terminal to the cone broke off.  The woofer is an Eton 800-8/37 and they are no longer made.

I don't know a whole lot about speaker building, but from what I have read on a dual woofer setup such as this it is important to use identical drivers.
There is a replacement  Eton 8-212/C8/37 Hexacone Symphony II 8" Woofer available from Madisound.  I am guessing this is the new replacement for the woofers I have.  I don't know what the differences are and if I can change one or if I should change all four.
These speakers seems to be ideal for classical music and tube amps.  I tend to listen more the classic rock, these woofers don't like the heavy bass of classic rock.  Maybe I can move my 15" sub to the main room and crossover at 80-100 Hz.  They are a very detailed woofer, but not deep bass.

Other thought was to change all four woofers to  ScanSpeak Revelator 22W/8857T-00
From what I have read these will put out more bass.  Specs here say that the crossovers are 1800 and 3500 so it is a mid-bass.  If I go to the scanspeak will I lose detail vs the Eton on voice.
What else do I need to consider?
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Also want to add, they are bi-amp capable and I do plan later to go that route. I miss my old KT88 tube amp. Right now they are driven with a Parasound A51, it's a decent amp for home theater, but not as musical as tubes.
Have you called Alan at Silverline? He might have a replacement driver and can best answer your questions. 
Yes I spoke to Alan today, he has drivers and I have one coming.  We had the discussion that I could go to the new replacement from Eton, but may have to make changes to the crossovers, I chose to stay with original stuff.
Alan and I had a nice chat, really an outstanding guy and he has a wealth of knowledge on audio stuff.
Personally I feel his speakers are underrated. 
The cabinets on these La Folia II speakers are a full 2" thick, separate enclosure for the midrange.  Alan doesn't cut corners, a purist.